Watermelons spacing

At my new garden I have a plot 18X10 designated for watermelons. I never grew them at a such big lot, I always had 3-4 ’ wide beds where I planted 2 on 12’ long bed or 4 on 20’ long bed. How many watermelons I can plant on 18X10 plot? South side of it actually is open to the lawn, so I can allow them to spread out of the plot that direction. What would be the best planting scheme? (I want to plant regular watermelons, not a bush type. )

Follow the instructions on the seed pack. plant 2 long rows 1 foot from the grass edge and you can plant other crop between the 2 watermelon rows. Make sure you plant compatible plants for good results. spacing depend on variety

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Mine spread out about 10 ft in every direction. Yours may be smaller but still I’d say no more than 10 plants.


I thought 9 - every 2 feet in one row placed about 3 feet from the grass edge. But not sure if 6 is more realistic.

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The package direction usually do not apply to my scenario, this is why I am asking.

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I would plant 9 and if all of them grow normal consider removing 3 leaving 6 to grow and produce. I grow much more vigorous watermelons than some indicate here. Mine normally send runners out 30 feet and sometimes more.


I usually plant more compact ones, but it is great idea to start with more and remove later.

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