We are going from the driest year to rain for the foreseeable future

My grass was downright crunchy. Now it has been raining for the last 4 days and looks like it will keep it up for the next 10.

We have an intense but short growing season, missing too many sunny days can be a problem with things that ripen late.

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It seems like we have been seeing rain nightly since start of July. Luckily I don’t have too many perennials ripening and my squash is just living. I suppose all this rain is a benefit to me. Our season is from mid May to end of October most years though I have seen longer but also seen shorter. I have seen zone 5 areas that end a month or two before me so certainly could be worse.

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could be a recipe for disaster. we had a severe drought here in 2020 then in late September we got 4in. of rain in a week. it caused all the plants and trees to push new growth which then got froze out in early oct. with a hard frost. lost a bunch of trees and shrubs that were beyond the reach of my water hose. even in the woods there were many dead and damaged trees. its early enough that it probably wont do that for you. hopefully the extra moisture will make up for the less sunlight.

‘We’ is regional?

The west is in drought

The western plains are in a massive heatwave.

The UK is set for record heatwaves and temperatures.

I am in the southeast… My forecast is around 50 percent chance of rain for the next couple of weeks.

I forecast lots of humidity in my foreseeable future.

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I think his “we” means he is talking about his neck of the woods.

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Wasn’t last summer really wet up there?

Been about normal here, but we have had plenty of cloudy days and summer is normally the sunniest time of the year. I’m not complaining though… keeps temps in check and stuff still grows.

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It was.

Here the season is pretty much mid May to mid September, with bad years eating time off either end, if not both.

Heck so far so good. It was a very mild May so many things ripened ahead of schedule; haskaps, raspberries, the early currants. I’m harvesting saskatoons now.

Some of my apples can be the hit or miss, most grapes are a likely miss, some stuff only ripens once a decade when everything falls into place; early spring, extra sunny summer/fall, late winter.

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