Weather extremes

Talk about getting whipsawed- just glad everything is still dormant.

Seems like every February we get one last arctic blast to remind us that Spring ain’t quite sprung yet. With a little luck this will be the last gasp, but we’ll see.


In KY, 58 yesterday, expecting 17 on Thursday night. Some apples are swollen, some crab apples have short leaves as do the Budagovsky rootstocks, some Bradford pears showing white in their buds. I don’t know if this will be the last time it gets into the teens or not this week…but I would like to think so.


So you had a 41 degree swing! We appear to have dodged the bullet today -it’s only 19 F instead of the predicted 7. I’m OK with that. We’ll see what tomorrow brings - they’ve shifted the projection to 16 F instead of 1. I’m OK with that, too!


We just got our first Pollen alert in southern France because there was no winter. Everything here in bloom way ahead of time. Regardless of where you move, certain things remain the same. Like. . . The ever changing weather!