Weather in Montana ... in August?!


I mean, what the heck?


that would be a pretty normal week in august here in n. Maine. we’re in a cool stretch of upper 60’s low 70’s right now. is that warmer than usual for you guys?


Usually we can count on a wet week early in August, but this kind of low usually doesn’t show up until September. I’m afraid it’s going to limit the quality of my apples- I’d hoped for a hot spell to ripen them and bring out the flavors. We might usually expect something closer to the middle 90’s. It’s only about 3200 feet elevation here, latitude 46.92.

If we can get past the first week of September without a killing frost we might have five to six weeks of growing season left, or not!


On Sunday, our forecast here in KY was for 96 today…which would have been our hottest day of the year.
Instead it’s mid 80’s and cloudy, with some rain in the area, though I’ve not actually seen any so far.
(But hoping.)
You guys in MT are colder than central Alaska right now, I think!


It’s 103 in Austin, TX today. Can’t wait until I can move back to Michigan. It is too hot here.


Just hoping for some rain in Maryland. We have only had 0.55” since 8/1 which isn’t much for us.


It’s funny comparing all our climates. My 42” average rainfall is very wet compared to most of you out West, but dry by Gulf Coast standards. My winters are snowy and frigid to a Texan but laughable to someone from Montana!

Our humidity and heat can match much of the Deep South at times, but the duration isn’t there. We still have frost by October.


You’ve definitely had more since 8/1 than we’ve had since around 7/15.


When I wake up early in the morning, then its cloudy outside.