Western Schley Pecan

Today we found this Western Schley Pecan from L.E. Cooke at El Plantio Nursery In Escondido. I’ll plant it where our JKS Fig resided. :slight_smile:


I’m surprised you’d plant that pecan or any pecan. Western Schley is much better adapted to climates with a long hot summer. You might make some nuts but it’s not a tree you can prune to keep small.


I’m willing to give it a try. :slight_smile:


Incoming nuts …

Out going pollen.

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Yes, a few have popped on each of the many strands on the tree.

The site for this pecan is along our northern border. There is room for a 15’ diameter, 24’ high tree. These are the size parameters recommended for WS in DL (dry weather + low altitude) climates. Our hot late summer and fall Santa Ana wind conditions makes us a good match for the DL environments discussed in the literature – esp. in Mexico.

We’ll see what happens. If it fails … it won’t be the first or last plant I’ll try at my property. :slight_smile:

Are there other pecans around for pollination? I’m not sure what you can expect from a self pollinated WS. I don’t think of Vista as pecan country. But you certainly have enough frost free days…!!

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No one else thinks of this as pecan country either, and thus I might have to (gasp) graft Witchita onto it. The reports I get from a few others growing WS alone is they get plenty of nuts for themselves but it’s about 1/2 a commercial crop.

Half a crop is enough…after about 30 yrs. My lone tree produced 150 lbs of shelled out nuts one yr. It’s probably at least 40 yrs old and 40ft tall.

Last time I was in Modesto I looked at a place for sale. It had the most beautiful 30ft pecan tree loaded with nuts. They were very well filled out nuts. That’s a fair amount warmer than Vista.


Given our needs, we’d be thrilled with 10 or so lbs of pecans per year. Our annual consumption rate of almonds is about the same. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice tree. Pretty sure you need two compatable trees to cross pollinate. Perhaps you already have some.

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