What 2 pluots are these?

I bought these two pluots at Whole Foods this week. The one on the right I think is Flavor Grenade. It has a terrific crunchy fruity taste. The one on the left, I am not sure. It was sold to me as a pluot, but I think it might be an Emerald Beaut plum. It has a very mild flavor with a bit of tartness towards the skin, and it has a fair amount of crunch to it as well. It is definitely a freestone as it pulled away quite easily.

Flavor Grenade looks correct on the right. Don’t think the left is Emerald Beaut. It’s too early and wrong color. There are dozens of pluots in commercials channels.

My guess is the one on the left is an Emerald Drop or it’s variant.

Emerald Drop and Flavor Queen are both flat in shape. They don’t have the tip like the left fruit. But they do mature about this time so season is right.

Google the company listed on the sticker. Look up the code number or see if they have any photos/ desciptions on a website.