What are some of the best asian pear trees?

Heard good things about jojiro. Is there any Warren, magness or Comice of the asian pear world?

Have you seen this thread?

The best Asian Pears.

A few things come to mine:

  • Taste is subjective, sometimes very subjective
  • Locations make a difference, sometimes, a big difference
  • “Best”based on what definition? Tasting, disease resistance, over all performance, etc.

Like the thread I linked, you will get a lot of different opinions.

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I am looking for the sweetest tasting asian pears.

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Like I mentioned, different location likely will produce different outcome of the same pear.

I am in New England. Korean Giant and Hosui are plenty sweet. However, I like Kosui a tad more because of its lighter twxture.

I have not tried Drippin’ Honey but heard that it is sweet/tart. Chojuro is another one that a lot of people like. Mine has not produced.

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You should put your location in your profile. It helps.

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Just did it.