What are these bugs on my grape?

I just found this on my Niagara grape vine in Central Texas.

What are they? What should I do about them?


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They are undesirable.


Some species of aphid, maybe grapevine aphids (Aphis illinoisensis). Note the pear-shaped body and twin “tailpipes”—dead giveaways you’ve got aphids. Insecticidal soap generally works well on aphids.

If this is a minor infestation of a dozen aphids here and there, a toothbrush or toothpick will knock them to the soil and it would be rare for them to climb back up. With this method, you do need to inspect the plants daily for a week or two.

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My aphids Climb across the rugged soil to the trunk and back up the leaves. Knock them off then pinch them.

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