What are you buying for 2018 growing season?

As of this moment, I only have Sugar Twist Pluerry in my mind.

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Salvia fruticosa, aka Greek Sage.

Interesting. Is that culinary, medicinal, or ornamental?

I grow three different culinary sages:

  • Cleveland’s Sage – for its mesquite flavors
  • German Sage – for its strong flavor in stuffing, etc.
  • Greek Sage – for its mild, sweeter, every day use.

All three are ornamental. And also as has been documented in many a clinical study, few if any plants are medicinal unless you were to consume them daily in inordinate amounts.


I have 2 Paw Paw trees on order
30 Hybrid Willow I am going to do a hedge of sorts with.
6-8 Cleveland Pear I am going to do my Drive with
3 or 4 Chestnut i am really considering
A Giant White Peach
Possibly 3 or 4 new variety Figs. I really dig figs…
I may alternate 6-8 Robinson Crabapple up my Drive as well to give the deer and bear something other than my good stuff to eat to possibly help keep them occupied.
My drive is about 6-700 yards so I can put 12-20 or so trees no problem. I think the Cleveland Pear and Robinson Crabapple when both in bloom should be quite pretty as well.

I may not get this ALL done this year but sure would like to.


Lots of figs. Never knew how much I liked figs until this season.


I think my tree buying days are over with. I have entertained maybe picking up an apricot tree, but think it would be crap shoot to get any fruit at all from one.

I’d say my next fruit plant(s) would be some more raspberries, gooseberries, and maybe some domesticated blackberries.

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Welded wire fencing cages, mulch, and irrigation supplies for approximately 75 fig trees I’ll be putting in the ground.

ps: anyone have a recommendation for a hillside ground cover? I need something to keep the thistle down.

edit: Preferably deer-resistant and drought-resistant for zone 9a


Mexican Heather? It grows like mad and is almost impossible to kill…And exceptionally heat resistant