What are you ordering, 2018

Consider Sansa and Ginger Gold.

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I just changed my order for GoldRush to a G41 root stock from the M7. I understand the vigor aspect, but I spoke to the guy at Cummins Nursery and he said the G41 should work fine. I don’t have room for the extra apple tree, so I’d rather have a small tree that won’t fit than a large tree that won’t fit. Also have a Toka Plum coming from them.

I have also ordered a William’s Pride on M7 and the Ubileen Pear from One Green World. I am planning on getting the Harrow Sweet from ACN, but haven’t ordered yet.

This should give me a steady supply of apples and pears through the season. I’m psyched!


I have apples in M7, G41 and B 9. Among these three rootstocks, M 7 would be the biggest and B 9 would be the smallest.

My G41 and B 9 are new, planted last year. G 41 is ahead of B 9 in both height and width.

I’ll 2nd Sansa. It was very good this year and widely appreciated. It has very little acid, but still has good flavor. Among both people at work and my kids, it was often a favorite in tastings. I left a few hanging on the tree for quite a while and found that they were still good in late September, after initially ripening in mid August. That’s a nice wide window, while apples like Priscilla are good in late August/early Sept, but mushy if you wait a couple weeks.

If you are making cider, some sweet russets would be good to add. Maybe Golden Russet or Roxbury Russet? And if you want more zing, Ashmead’s Kernel. This year I got a lot of high-brix (17-18), sour Red Boskoops which I bet would make good cider (or good to mix with a mild sweet apple). They are a bit too acid off the tree, but I’ve got them in storage and will test again in a few weeks or a month.




No, seriously, I think next season it’ll just be some new raspberry and blackberry plants. After letting the weeds get out of control around my 26 fruit trees this year, I don’t think I need to be getting any more trees. And they’re not even bearing yet.

But, there are a couple apricot trees of Bay Laurel has that look interesting… Hmm…


Which ones, out of curiosity?

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I’m too nervous to plant an apricot in my region. The apricots at the local orchard five minutes away have produced fruit once in the last five years, which seems to be about right after reading other’s experiences.

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Ordered more of these peach varieties (patented):

5 TangOs II
20 Earlstar
10 Challenger
10 Intrepid

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I am hoping to keep my purchases to a minimum. 50 OHxF87 pear rootstock to go with my order of pear scionwood from the USDA GRIN. I’ll be busy this fall and spring to clear out my backyard nursery to make room for these pears. If there is room in the nursery, I may add some G.41 and graft some apples I have on larger stocks.

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Oh, they’re not anything special, just a Harcot and Tomcot.

But, like @growjimgrow, I really don’t think I would get fruit from them every year, because of late freezes. Even tho these two varieties might be a bit more hardy, I think it would be more miss than hit with a cot. I’d also like to try an aprium/plumcot, but I’d think they’d be even more difficult to get fruit from.


I did 10 apple bench grafts this spring on g41, all but 2 have grown like weeds. The 2 are 2 to 3 feet tall and the rest are 5 to 6 feet tall. Very good growth imho


do you have the chill hours on tangos or tangos II? are you getting them from Adams County?

I see a couple of hardy peach varieties on there (Intrepid and Challenger). Is this a response to all the bloom losses you had this year?

You might have mentioned it in other threads, but what varieties are you culling out?

Ashmeads kernel
arkansas black
ginger gold
pink pearl
granny smith
maybe a smokehouse

Indian Free
Honey Babe
Arcitc Jay Nectarine

Weeping Santa Rosa
Emerald Beaut
Flavor Supreme Pluot
Emerald Drop Pluot

Sour Cherries

(already have an Arbequina)

Asian Pears

Texas Hardy

White Mulberry

Mara Des bois
(already have White D, Yellow Wonder, Rutgers Scarlet, Purple Wonder)

Rubus Berries
Polar berry
Anne Yellow
(already have Amity, Tayberries, Loganberries, Marionberries and Wineberries)


Autumn Olive

Kens red
Arguta male

Arabica (already have)

Eastern Prince(already have)

Honey Jar
Black Sea


Ben Lear

Early Jewel

(already have Razzmatazz, Mother Vine, Cowart)

Makrut Lime
(already have Yuzu, Golden Nugget, Flying Dragon)

May get a few pistachio trees, pecan trees and a few finger limes

this is all i can remember
and im doing alot of veggies and melons this spring :slight_smile:


But, you’re in zone 7, is that a NE z7, or Midwest z7?

I have planted 4 peach trees, so I don’t know how often they’ll produce. Judging by local orchards’ success rate of them getting fruit (maybe every other year), I’m not expecting to get something off them every year.

Hence my reluctance on getting an apricot tree.

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Wow, that’s an ambitious list. With all those trees, you must have lots of land! Good luck to you. What do you have now?

After doing big veggie gardens the last 3 years, I think we’re going to consolidate our plantings next year. Maybe only have two plots. This year we did four, and they didn’t get enough care, mostly weeding wasn’t done enough.

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I don’t plan to order much at all. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. Actually, what I hope to do is learn to graft apples and make a mature redfree apple into a Frankentree, plus try stooling some honeyberries. I got overwhelmed with garden chores this past summer after being gone so much.


I’m 7A, outside Philly. I don’t get the heat sink from the city. I had one bad peach year due to the weather and hanging old XMas lights on the tree didn’t really work too well.

Well, you never know until you try. I ordered a Tomcot on Citation from Bay Laurel last year, and thus far it’s doing great. I’ve heard Tomcot is a good one because it blooms over an extended period so even if some of the blossoms are frozen, chances are not all of them would be. And if you’d prefer not to order two trees, you can always order a standard and graft some other varieties to it for better fruit set.

And being that you’re not a professional orchadist with hundreds of trees, you could baby the one or two you do get, planting them in colder sites that warm up later in the spring, etc.

And the years you get frozen out, you don’t have to do much to the tree. You could probably let it go the whole season without spraying it if you really wanted to. And the years you don’t get frozen out–I’ve only had fresh apricots ripe from the tree twice, but they were one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, and so hard to find! You can get very good peaches at the farmer’s market but fresh, ripe apricots? Hardly ever.

Not that I’m an enabler or anything… :grin:


You’re making it difficult for me…

Well, you’re prob more successful at getting fruit because you’re in the South. I just don’t think they’d work here very often. But, yeah a Harcot and Tomcot are supposed to be better for climes like mine.

So, is your tree new? How big was it when you got it, thickness and height wise? If I got one I’d have to go with their full sized on Myro. UK doesn’t recommend using Citation rootstock, but Lovell or Myrobalan is OK.