What are you ordering, 2018

I’m hoping to exercise some self control and just order a few trees this year:

Pearl European Plum, Teton de Venus Peach, Rainbow Stripe Cherry, Minnesota 1734 Apple, Franklin Apple (if I can find it), and maybe a persimmon if Just Fruits & Exotics offers anything new this year.

What are you ordering?


Some plum trees,
prune de ente 707 :heavy_check_mark:
satsuma :heavy_check_mark:
Ouillins :heavy_check_mark: Could not help myself 19.99
Rosy gage :heavy_check_mark: 19.99 could not help myself again
victory :heavy_check_mark:
maybe one more I can’t tell yet
Been going back and forth on peach’s
Siskiyou black berry :heavy_check_mark:
Tayberry blackberry :heavy_check_mark:
Raspberries :heavy_check_mark: Ones I had complete failure

:heavy_check_mark: Means on order
Still need to find source for empress, valor that is definitely carrying them.
Oh and going to raintree class learning to graft!


I’m pretty full so i just ordered a juliet cherry to replace my apple that i pulled. now if i can keep the voles away!


Ill order more blackberries. And Ill need another tree to replace my dying nectaplum. Probably another peach of some type.


I’m going to add just one pear tree. Then graft a few varieties but that’s it. 3-4 fruit trees plenty for me :grinning:


Kieffer pear, Duchesse d Angouleme pear, King of Pippins apple, Mitchell apple, then try out my grafting techniques on a few apple trees.


I’ll probably get Westcot on Manchurian from Fedco.

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Im planning to add 2 jujubes. Who ships the nicest looking jujubes?


@BobVance did a great thread on this a while back. Here’s the link


Edible Landscape sent out some fantastic Jujubes this year that many on this site were very happy with including myself. Here is a good topic that speaks to what you are getting after I believe. Honey Jar and Sugar Cane Jujubes just became available!



Enterprise - G.41
NY 35 (Bonkers) - G.222
Pink Lady (Cripps Pink) - G.41
Redfree (Co-Op 13) - G.41
Initial - G11
Rootstocks - 1-year Bare-root B.118 (6 QTY)

Cherries on Maxma14 Rootstock
Black Pearl

September Snow
FFury PF 8 Ball

I will get a couple of Paw Paws and Persimmons from Edible Landscape when they get there new stock in for 2018.


I’ve ordered Reine des Mirabelles and Reine Claude d’Oullins E. Plums and Stanwick Nectarine from Arboreum. Will order one or two jujubes. May order a few rootstocks later in the year. The rest will be grafts.


Did we ever get a solid consensus on whether Nadia was worth ordering, or whether there’s definitely a short stem sport of Nadia that technically wouldn’t be under the patent?

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My impression is that Nadia is OK but nothing special. That’s how I feel and seemed to be what many felt. Any version will be under patent. Discuss that via PM :wink:.

I placed my first order just now. I say first because though I tried to control myself, I’m sure it won’t be the last. I placed an order with Cummins for GoldRush apple, Lavina plum (on the basis of Scott’s stone fruit review), and Bavay’s Green Gage plum. Euro plums are dicey here (Bavay’s has lower-than-typical chill requirements, but I’ve also heard that greengages, mirabelles, etc, don’t develop the same flavors in the heat) but I love their flavor so much. I’m not even really sure where I’m going to put these new trees, but one way or another they’ll find a home.


I get to have 4 new apple trees this spring. I haven’t decided yet. I’m more inclined to popular varieties for some reason.

For example, my orchard has 4 cortland , 4 honeycrisps and 4 zestar. I don’t have the luxury to experiment much.
1 Gala, 1 Pristine, etc.

I’ll probably just get more cortland/honeycrisp unless I can grab one of the new Stark varieties.

Any proven popular ones that I’m missing. old Z5/New Z6. (indiana)

I have to leave the heirloom/exotics to someone with more land.

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A LARGER yard :persevere:


Do you plan to sell your apples?
My HC could produce 300 apples if moderately thinned. 4 HC trees will be a lot of apples.

You should grow Fuji, another popular variety.

No I don’t sell. I already have 4 HC, 4 more would make 8. I just give them away but I also press them into cider for sweet apple juice and hard cider. It takes a lot of apples.

Sir, if you are interested in apples for cider, may I recommend the following website:

They have listed many varieties of apples that are good in cider, which will allow you to blend and/or make different varieties.

This website sells scion wood, but there are other sites that have trees of these varieties. (Just ask if you cannot find them.)

Of course, if you are already committed to getting something else, I apologize if I am presumptuous.

Perhaps the website will give you some ideas, if nothing else. Good luck to you.