What are your favorite corn cultivars


Just picked my waxy corn. I grow it every year for snacks. Not sweet in taste but I like its textures . Also, it is pretty.
What are your favorite corns?




I had some flint indian corn and flint was the proper name. At the time i had pigs and they got pretty mad at me for feeding them that old hard corn. I got to admit i made corn bread with it a few times which was purple and i agree with the hogs it was good for fiber but not much else.i had a really good indian sweet corn as well. I’ve never grown the type in your photo but it looks like it would make good meal corn.


@IL847 , what do you do with your waxy corn to make snacks ?
How do yo prepare it ?
I grew a bunch of it this year. Cutting some off the cob in milk stage . Freezing for soup base. Not sweet , but good.
Will have a lot left to mature to dry corn.
Any tips on processing dry waxy corn .?
Grind for flour, grits, ?
What do you do with yours ?


Frozen waxy corn sales a dollar a ear in Asian grocery store, way more expensive than sweet corn is ! I pick my eaxy corns when they’re not fully ripe. Once they are ripe the corn are too hard to chew as snacks. Follow picking sweet corn rules, once the ear feel blunt then the corn cob is filled and can be picked.
Just boil it in water till it is fully cooked. Leftover can be stored in freezer for a long time without changing texture or taste. It tastes even better if the corn is roasted with husk on in oven or BBQ.


I love waxy corn. I prefer it to anything else. About 6 or 7 years ago I was growing at least a half dozen different types of waxy corn.


I am glad you like waxy corn too. I used to have different colors waxy corn too, red, yellow, black, green, and mixed color… they each are slightly different in texture as I recall. Now they are all mixed due to limited in planting space.


Same here. I started out with two different shades of purple, purple and white, orange, 2 or 3 reds, whites, and blacks, but I couldn’t keep them separated. That’s a beautiful photo above.