What are your opinions on Prok persimmon?

I’m thinking of buying a Prok persimmon and was wondering what the thoughts are on it compared to other American persimmon varieties? Are any other varieties considered better? Does anyone know how large the tree gets?

I am growing but not fruited as yet. I think Cliff England states that it’s his favorite for eating out of hand, and that’s a good endorsement for me as I believe he has trialed many.


Thanks @strudeldog. Do your native persimmons take longer to bear than your Asians?

I don’t so. I just have been growing Kaki longer. My prok was just planted last spring from Just fruits and it set a single fruit that dropped

Reviving an oldie here. I have a Prok from JF&E arriving tomorrow. Anyone have any experience with their Prok? Their website says it grows to 12-15 feetbut I find that hard to believe. Most other sources have it at 30-50. Wondering if JF&E is listing more of a recommended height to maintain it at.

This is my first persimmon. Placed the order before I remembered it’s a Cicada Plague Spring here :frowning:

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I have a 10 year old Prok tree that I field grafted in the middle of a hayfield that is about 15 feet tall. We’ll see if it grows any taller.