What are your Spring flowers blooming?

I am very curious what is blooming out there! I just got my first bulb flower for 2021: Crocus Jeanne d’ Arc.


Dandelions and Helleborus niger are the only things blooming here…and few of either those.

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Anything green is sleeping and covered in a foot of snow!

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It’s not a flower, but I’m hoping it’s a sign that spring and flowers aren’t far off. I saw these on Saturday (1/31). This is the earliest I’ve seen robins in NE Ohio.


If you know where to look, you can find them every day of the year. They only move a little south, and into swampy areas. So only the northernmost areas don’t have robins in winter.

It looks like bluebirds and red wing blackbirds behave similarly, and they’re my traditional markers of spring…

I’ve seen crocus here in north Georgia as well. This one must have self seeded? I didn’t plant any where I found it.


A friend has winter jasmine in full bloom. It looks like Forsythia but it isn’t. Six petals. Very pretty!


My Chaparral Currant (Ribes malvaceum) is in full flower right now, and buzzing with honeybees.


Thanks. I guess it isn’t very special, but I liked it anyway. :+1:

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I think they’re always special! I didn’t mean to diminish your excitement. I love that they’re around all year.

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Here is a picture of my friends yellow Winter Jasmine in bloom now!5D15C15F-E418-40B3-A44C-8F302241C934


Zone 7a - Southern Middle Tennessee…

02/02/2021 nothing at all blooming here yet. If it warms up for a week or two some buttercups may pop out.

The earliest blooming wild tree here is stardust. It has long narrow white petals, very nice… and progression wise, on wild trees, redbuds, then dogwoods… on tame trees the bradford pears are always very early (first week in march).

When redbuds have been blooming a while and dogwoods first start opening, that is when I normally find morel mushrooms. Usually first week in April most years.

I used to have two Japanese plum trees and they bloomed mid to late Feb, and we hardly ever got fruit off them, because we almost always have a hard frost after that.

Below is a pic of one of my favorite wild tree blooms… black cherry.

I have several black cherry trees around my back yard, and fields, they bloom early to mid April here and last year our late frost got them… no wild black cherries to eat last year. They taste much like a tart pie cherry. I like them a lot. I have a big one with limbs that hang low right over part of my back yard. Great place to go snacking when they are ripe.



On a hike Sunday we found honeysuckle blooming.


That’s weird…know what species of honeysuckle? A native, or not?

We have a vine type that is more of a spring to early summer bloomer. This seemed to be more of a bush. I don’t know if it is natural or invasive. It was widely distributed.

Winter blooming jasmine also comes in white. It looks like it!

California Pipevine:

Tulipa saxatilis:


I love crocus, but so do the rabbits here, and there are plentiful. But they don’t like the daffodils, so I have them everywhere. I also plant them in the woods (as well as Trillium) as I like the color they bring early to the wooded areas. I have lots of varieties, but I think my fav would be the paper white varieties as they are dainty looking and last longer that the others. The only crocus that seem to survive in in my vineyard. I plant them (and daffodils too) at the end of the rows. Those areas are fenced in to protect from the deer and patrolled bu our 4 legged grape hound. Rabbits stay respectfully on the outside of the fence.

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Only thing I saw blooming today was Hellebores.