What are your summer flowers blooming 2019?


Sorry to hear about your sister. I have multi layered medium pink. If you come by this way in the fall, I can dig some foryou.


It’s a new one, I bought it last year


Unfortunately, no. If it is an annual, it is impossible to know. There are so many of them out there.


It just dawned on me that this thread should be in the Picture category.

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Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking here… Simply search for something via Google and once the results come up, look towards the top for “All Images Maps News More” (or similar) and click Images. If you search for something they don’t have a lot of images links for, the word Images to click on might not be in this list. Click more and usually Images will be a clickable link under that.


When I find out the name will let you know . Don’t worry I am keep looking .
I think :
Lewisia Cotyledon flower plant family.


Thank you so much.
I think you could upload or take a picture of your plants or flowers then google can find the similar one in the picture with name.


Ah, that kind of “image search”. There are numerous apps for doing so: PlantSnap, PictureThis, etc… To do so just via Google Images: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/1325808?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en

Good luck.


My David Austin roses. Abraham Darby.



Your roses are beautiful. Have you ever try to root green cuttings from a second year growth. I have heard that they rooted easily. I hope you don’t have Japanese beetles because they sure loved those roses.


I rooted several roses cuttings successfully before. It took three years from a cutting to the first flower. I don’t really have the patience :).

I only have 8 bushes left. David Austin roses look beautiful like old roses. He is a great marketing them. There may be other better roses including some of Dr. Griffith Buck’s roses but no one captures the rose market like DA company,



No name of those varieites?


Sorry, I lost the tags. I wanted to say I had about 20 bushes about 10 years ago but I am now down to 5. The harsh winters killed them over the years and these are a few that remains from the original 20. Oh well…


My roses died by my hands. They were all cold hardy but some were too tall, too large, too thorny, etc.,and all were too many black spots. Those were gone now.

This is Easy Does It with peonies. I think it looks like an oil painting by Van Gogh’s distant relative :smile:


Some of my wife’s pics from our wildflower plot.


Are those lupines?


Yes, Russell Lupines (invasive according to many sources, we don’t care…we love 'em)


We saw quite a lot of them traveling between our home in MA and Portland, ME this week.


They have made some new brightly colored lupines. I got 3, one died overwinter. Not cheap as it cannot come true by seed.