What are your summer flowers blooming?


I love seeing pretty flowers. I like learning names or varieties of those flowers. Also, looking at them helps de-stress me :smile:

Now that the spring blooms have passed (for the most part of the country). This is a thread for summer flowers. Let’s show them.

Summer is here in my garden when roses start to bloom.

I love my Prairie Sunrise. No fragrance, though.



What kind of flower is that?


Clematis. A climber. Mine have not opened yet, too much shade for mine.


A vine?


Yes. It needs a trellis or a fence to climb.


Here’s a couple of my wife’s efforts:



Does this count as a summer bloom :smiley:

This one sure is


I only know the first is cactus.

The second one looks like pea flowers but I don’t recognize its leaves.

What are they?




I have a clematis Samaritan Jo, tolerates more shade than most. Just got first bloom


My Summer flowers but forgot its name. Maybe Lewisia Cotyledon .


Wish I could grow it. No space. It’sa bee magnet , isn’t it?



My first one is blooming. I have 4 varieties. Sadto say, I don’t know any of their names. One of them is the same as @IL847.

Here’s my first.


@Vincent_8B, very bright color. Wish you knew the name.

@Courtney, very lovely. I need to cut some of mine. Tomorrow it will rain. Maybe, I should cut some tonight.


Thank you, Tippy! My flowers are next to a basketball hoop and my boys kept killing them. So, I had to cut them and put them in vases. The white ones are so fragrant! So, I don’t mind at all. The peonies were my sister’s favorite. I grew them in her memory, especially the white ones. There are plenty of them out front still. I wanted to plant different colors next year.




I looking for now. I don’t know how to do images google search. Do you?