What Asian pear tree do I have?

I bought a house with an Asian pear tree and I’m trying to figure out which variety it is. From my research I believe it to be 20th century or shinseiki. I’m in zone 10a. It’s a great producer and it’s the only one in the yard.



Any tips to tell the difference?

Shinseiki is probably a good guess. It’s super popular and common and easily found most everywhere including big box stores. It’s round and can get light colored when ripe. It’s a good pear overall.

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Its a tough call but I would say that looks like Shinseiki to me. My Shinseiki is lighter yellow like yours, while my 20th century is usually a little bit darker by the time they are ready to be picked. Shinseiki grew more vigourously and fruits a lot heavier than 20th century for me as well.