What can you do with 5 pounds of frozen apples?

My converted freezer apparently doesn’t work too well. I found that a bag of apple on the bottom got completely frozen. I actually like frozen apples, can eat 2-3 of them, but they will go bad before I will be able to eat them all. Any idea what could be done with them? No way to keep them frozen, no space.

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Use them to make apple pies and fritters.


It’s tricky trying to keep a converted freezer or refer at 32-33F with 95% humidity for storing apples and pears. I’ve frozen some fruit by mistake myself. I tried using a temp/humidity controller with a separate humidifier but the constant beeping when temp or humidity was outside range drove me crazy. Plus when the temp dropped to 32, the humidifier blew snow inside!
So I’ve relaxed my criteria and have found spot on the refer’s thermostat that will keep temp at 33-37F and added pans of water to achieve 85% humidity. I’ve noticed that storage life for the apples is not as good with the lowered humidity but still better than a normal refer.


make sauce and throw in a lb. of aronia. its very good. makes a nice purple sauce.

Sauce. Frozen apples will work beautifully for that, and it’s really good added to apple pies, or served with pork, or eaten by itself. Cinnamon etc. as desired, maybe even a touch of lemon, butter, vanilla, or brandy …


Can you can them in jars or is it too late since they’ve been frozen already?

I used to dehydrate them eat them like chips or dice them up for oatmeal or cereal but I don’t know about from frozen I’ve never heard of freezing apples before, I’ve never had enough to think about freezing.

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We freeze lots of apples. Much easier than drying or canning, which is the next choice when we run out of freezer space. We eat apple crisp year round unless the frozen apples run out. Rehydrated apples work well for crisp or pies, too. Pears freeze well, too, and make great pear crisp and upside-down cake.