What caused Spring Satin's scaffold split?

Went out check my Spring Satin tree and found the scaffold split so I cut that section off.

The tree was wrapped by tree guard to prevent the rabbit chewing. As I unwrap I found another place that has split scaffold too: so what cause the split on my tree?

Looks like inside the split it is hallow area. Does it smell like fungus? Do you see frass?

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No frass,no smell. The bark was painted white last winter then wrapped with tree guard.

Can you zoom out to show where this injury is in relation to the whole tree?

How old is this tree?

All I could think of was that it is winter/weather-related injury. This year, many people appear to see a lot more damage in their fruit trees.

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Tippy, this was on one of the scaffold. The tree is about 5 years. It was chewed down by the rabbits several times

Why would you wrap a scaffold on the tree? There’s no need
to ever do that. Are you confusing scaffold with the trunk?

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As I said before, the rabbits chewed down the scaffold , mostlythe bark, several times during the winters when the snow piles around the tree was several feet high

That’s kind of big, but spring time hot/cold swings can make trees crack open.

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