What causes this? Black or brown central rings in onions

It seems to affect all three varieties I’m storing, but not all of them. About 20% have this inside.

Some were like this almost straight out of the ground as well.

Good question

I don’t know either but would really be interested in knowing. I’ve had some store bought like that lately and had been wondering. Didn’t seem to affect taste and there was not rot. Just that strange layer…

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I’ve seen this occasionally in my store bought 10 lb bags of onions! I’m not sure if it’s a result of growing conditions, storage conditions, or both. The unaffected layers seem okay so I’ve just been removing the browned layers and washing the rest of it before chopping. Haven’t died yet…

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Age and heat.

Field heat?

It looks bacterial since it is contained to individual rings, usually a problem caused by warm and wet growing conditions. Knowing which bacteria is responsible for certain requires lab tests, but eating the unaffected rings after washing should not hurt you, plant pathogens can create toxins but they don’t infect humans.

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