What could I grow from seed?

This year experiments revolve around propagation from seed. First discovery was that larch is nowhere as hard as advertised online. Most places say that the seeds take upwards to 40 days to germinate after stratification. Well the seeds I just had on a ziplock baggy in the freezer took no time to sprout as soon as they warned up.

I just seeded Saskatoon northline (reported to grow true from seed), Viking chokeberry, Nanking cherry, and Rowan. What else could be a good cold hardy candidate to do from seed for fun and profit? Most everything else requires vegetative reproduction in order to retain the variety.


Manchurian Apricots
Red Raspberries
Iowa White Peaches/ Siberian C Peaches
Cornelian Cherries
Antonovka apples
Ranetka crabapple

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At least for raspberries people prefer named varieties. I have two Iā€™m very happy with, heritage and red mammoth. Both generate a bunch of new plants every year just from meandering growth