What damage have I invited to my Plum Tree

October here in NJ and the days temps are in the 80’s. Leaves are sploty and droping without turning brown. I was checking on the air layer I was attempting when I saw the opening overrun flowing with sap. I also found sap on two different unrelated branches. Before I start spraying the spots with fungicide I wanted opinions if thats the right thing to do.


Sap is a natural response to injury by plums and other stone fruit trees.

Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of air layering stone fruit trees, since they’re susceptible to canker and can be easily propagated by grafting/budding.

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It is the shiro branch from a multi graft tree. The branch is by far the most dominate and I need to bring the tree in to balance. If the air layer is successful The new tree will be nearly as large as the parent was when I got it.