What did you eat today - that you grew?

Cut up a Hosui Asian Pear, Williams pride and Jonafree apples, cantaloupe, and a few figs for breakfast.


I finally picked my red cayenne peppers, I will sun dry them for later use in the winter. I’m planning to make spicy beef jerky.
I will stuff some medium peppers like poblano and red jalapeño with cream cheese and shrimp, no more bacon. I found a Shishito plant with peppers, but I didn’t intentionally grow them, the seeds must have been mixed up. Green Jalapeño peppers will go into a salsa.

Chives to go into potato salad a la Jacques Pepin recipe with a bit of Dijon mustard


Look just like mine!

My Charleston Gray. It is supposed to be 85 days but I let it go for 91 days. It still was excellent.

No any one method is 100% accurate. This was my CG’s tendril, very green at 91 days.


Great looking piece of fruit! My tendril was basically brown/dead… Might have been a case of precocious separation from the vine for me… But yours looks fantastic! Congrats!


Made a small batch of tomato sauce. And gathered some King Davids that are ‘early ready’. Many still ripening on the tree.


Zucchini is finally producing regularly.


Hi Pom, how did you prepare your tomato sauce?
Are those canned?

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Bitter melon smoothie. Actually tastes a bit like a gin and tonic, but definitely healthier.

One small or half of a large bitter melon
One apple (store bought Fuji unfortunately since the squirrels ate my apples already)
The juice of one lime
One cup of water and a lot of ice

Blend well and enjoy. I use a vitamix to get it really smooth.


One day we tryed to eat it but we couldn’t… it was too bitter…

I used to know someone who had this every morning, she had so much energy. I’ve yet to try it.

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They are definitely a very healthy vegetable. There are a lot of claims of possible benefits, as well as some specific studies that show it can reduce blood sugar and a few other benefits. I expect they would grow very well in your area.


have you tried cooking bitter melon soup? we cook butter melon soup with any choice of protein. some drink bitter melon tea but its too bitter for my taste cooking it is less bitter easier to eat.


I have never got a single bitter melon. This happened a lot for vegetables that I don’t like to eat, lol. Maybe subconsciously I don’t really want it. But occasionally I can get them from the farmers market locallly, and then they rot on me too.

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I haven’t tried it in soup, although my daughter made something she found online called boiled vegetables with dipping sauce, which included bitter melon. That seemed to make it a lot less bitter. When I cook it, I usually stir fry it with onions, garlic and black bean sauce. Sometimes I add some fuzzy melon as well, which cuts the amount of bitter melon. I’m primarily vegan, so if I add protein it is usually tofu or sometimes some type of seitan.

I’ve come to like it in a variety of preparations, but it is a tough sell with the rest of my family. Most people just hear the name and they’re already making a face, lol.

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I stir fry them plain, maybe with an egg, and no black bean sauce here. I try to cook with few ingredients, plus black bean sauce is salty, which I try to avoid also.

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Seedless concord…small but very flavorful.


You are one creative mind. Bitter melon juice!!!

I like eating bitter melon in soup. Traditionally, we use pork ribs chopped in 1-2” pieces. Boil ribs until almost tender before adding cut up bitter melon. Seasoned with fish sauce ( or soy sauce or salt) and ground pepper. I like to throw in several cloves of garlic.

Just cooked this soup for lunch today.

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First year growing it. Very successful.


I bought similar bitter melons from the farmers market but they are white, possibly Tawainese version.