What disease is on the trunk of my almond tree?


My Oracle almond tree has this weird splotching all over the trunk, top to bottom. It’s been in a pot for one year, I brought it in for the winter as I have not had anywhere to plant it yet. I have several other Russian almond trees and none are exhibiting these symptoms save this one tree. It is not external damage from an insect because the bark is fine. I only just noticed.

Can somebody please diagnose and educate me on prevention and cure? Hopefully there is one. Thank you!!

To me it looks like it could be some sort of pest damage. So you have a ETA hazelnut near it. What other plants are near it?

My wild guess would be scale. Dormant oil spray might help but I’m not sure.

Some cornelian cherries, and more almond trees. There’s a bunch of other fruiting plants but this seems to be the only tree with any markings on it.

I don’t see anything on the tree though, the bark is still smooth it looks more like an internal disease but I don’t know. The tree is budding but I don’t know what’s going on I’ve never seen this before.

That is why I think it may be a pest problem, some boring insects will put fungus inside the plant to feed their babies, that causes serious die back and maybe even kill the tree in time.

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Were all your almond trees from the same source?


Yes they are all from One Green World. I noticed one lesion on a second tree, but this is the only one seriously attacked. No idea what it is. I see no scale or insects, just lesions beneath the bark.