What do I do with all of my new Fall Gold babies?

I had one Fall Gold raspberry planted late last summer. Someone cut it down, but now I have 9 or 10 “little guys” It seems as though they really need spacing, but I don’t want to ruin them either. Does anyone know whether of not they’ll tolerate being transplanted? Zone 7b/intermountain area, Northern CA

Can we assume these are coming up from roots?

I have Fall Gold and Meeker, I dug up suckers of each to expand bed. The Fall Gold are tough! They had about 6" of new growth and didn’t even wilt. If your worried cut off the leaves up to the last one or two and water well for a couple of days they will be fine.

Well they maybe canes from the crown, if suckers yeah you can remove them and transplant.
You need to space the canes, if from one crown and not really suckers. About 4 inches apart, and no more than 6-8 canes. The rest should be removed.