What do these look like to you?


Acorns from an oak tree.

Acorns or Filberts

I think filberts have an asymmetrical scar across the top.

Why do you ask, Roundface? Are you asking about the specific species? If so, do you have a photo of any caps and a location of where they came from and something for scale?

I say red oak , but some are smaller than others so I would say that are from more than one tree, it seems like individual trees make pretty uniform mast

Interesting. I personally think they are acorns. I was looking for some chestnuts to purchase on ebay and saw the listing for these as organic Virginia chestnuts. Thanks everyone for your input.

Not chestnuts.

Def not chestnuts. Look like red oak acorns for sure.

I can send you chestnuts next year from the tree next door, they drop in September. Probably a hybrid, maybe Chinese. But I agree with all the others, acorns for sure.

How much are you selling them for per lb? thanks!

Thanks again everyone for your input. I have seen vendors selling horse chestnuts as chestnuts and one vendor selling acorns as hickory nuts, last year. I know some hickory can have very thin hull and very similar looking to acorns (any idea what type of hickory these are) I wonder if these vendors test our these imposters/look alike nuts before they sell?