What does a B.118 tree looks like?

I’m selling my excess B.118 rootstock. One lady is asking me if it could be used as an ornamental tree. I have no idea what it would look like or what would come out of it.

This is what the fruit would look like.

If you look at the thread about Bud 9 bloom, that will give you an idea what the blossoms look like on B118. All of the “B” series have pink/red blossoms


Are they reasonably edible?


I haven’t eaten one.

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While i cant speak from experience i have heard its a reasonably decent apple. I planted my last ungrafted root stock in the fall of 2021 and while its grown great it is nowhere near fruiting yet.

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Third season from 1/4 caliper rootstock should get you a bloom or three on B-118.
I’ve not fruited it yet.

Maybe down there. It’ll take all of 5 years here.

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