What does this look like to you on my pear

I have a pear tree that the leaves are slowly turning black on but black does not seem to be spreading onto branches. Here is a picture

My guess is it fireblight.

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Pear psylla can cause the leaves to blacken like that. Pear Psylla / Pear / Agriculture: Pest Management Guidelines / UC Statewide IPM Program (UC IPM) (ucanr.edu)


My vote is pear psylla. But… I think it is a little late in the year for psylla. When was the picture taken? Is it in a damp location with not much sun?

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The leaves have been turning dark throughout the season but it was taken today right before I posted. I water it every week and it is right under a pine tree. There is a apple right by it that does seem to be doing just fine though.

Have you sprayed it with anything?

It is a new plant this year. I have not sprayed it with anything yet.

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Any chance the soil/mulch was sprayed/treated with any herbicides?

I got the mulch from Home Depot so unlikely.

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