What fruits did you eat today?


Not true, in my experience. The one in my pic was mostly sour and had a tad of sweetness right in the middle of the fruit. I think it depends mainly on when fruit are picked. The later they are picked, the sweeter they taste. Those picked to sell locally are likely to taste a lot sweeter than those picked (too soon) to export.

$6.99 for me as well. A waste of money indeed.


Interesting Mamuang! I think I might have never had a properly ripened pink dragonfruit. The yellow ones I had were out of this world… But they were a bit wrinkly.


I have had sweet pink ones in Thailand. The ones I’ve had in the US were more sour/tangy than sweet. I am sure there are several varieties of the pink, red and yellow.


What if you left it on your counter for a few days? Might it get sweeter?


Jessica, I don’t see a Mutsu in the pile, which one is it? It seems like it has to be the front right one and the back right one then has to be Northern Spy? If its the front right one it is very under-ripe.

This year I am picking my Mutsu a bit early due to deer pressure, they are not so flavorful now but I am going to store them and hope they improve. Last year in storage they were truly excellent, probably the best apple of last year.


In my experience, when fruit is picked too early (not just a tad early but very early), it will not develope enough sugar. This is even when you leave it on a counter for several days until it shrivels.


Yes, the front right one is the Mutsu. You have to forgive me, I never had this apple before! They are very rare here. I had to go to a specialty store “Herb and spice” in Ottawa, On, to get them. So I had no idea if they were ripe or not (or overripe!). It was my first taste of Northern Spy and Mutsu. Ginger gold and Silken can be found in Qc (where I live). As for Golden russet, I tasted it 3 times before, but that time,it was definetly the best. Over here, we only generally find these ones: pomme du québec + sometimes Fuji, Cripps pink, Jazz, Opal. All apples were labeled “Ontario apples”, so they may not fully ripen this year, even if we wait some more (there is very little sunshine these days). One day, I’ll visit USA and will get a chance to taste them again…


You may want to keep Scott Farm Orchard in Vermont in mind.

They gold an annual Heirloom Apple Day. This year it is today. (we can’t go due to a family obligation). You would have an opportunity to try a lot of apples in one trip.


still getting evie 2 strawberries even after 2 hard frosts! not as tasty now but ill take them.


a crisp ginger gold would have faired better in competition :slight_smile:


I gave the Boogers (15 months now) some dried jujubes today. Halved and pitted. They loved it! Problem is, they sucked all the pulp off and dropped the skins on the floor. Looks like dead cockroaches.


It was a grape day.


Tried two more things from my Asian Market. First was this canned jackfruit. Was not very palatable. I did eat about half the can but didn’t exactly enjoy it.

Next was these picked Jujubes. They were much worse than the jackfruit. This things were totally gross.

O for 2. I think I need to stop wasting money on this crap. The only fresh fruits they had were red Dragon fruit, Asian pears, and fresh Jackfruit. But they cost about $35 and I wasn’t willing to go there.


Some of the canned jackfruit brands are pretty decent. Most aren’t though. I’ve never even seen the preserved jujubes.


The only three canned tropical fruit I can eat are longan, rambutan and lychee. I feel yucky eating anything esle because they taste slimy.

Asian stores around here cut up jackfruit into section and sell them for $7-10 a piece. We can see how ripe the fruit is inside. Darker yellow is riper than the pale one. I saw mangosteens and lychees sold in smaller portion, not the whole big box as well.

I admire your attempts to have first hand experience with tropical fruit. My advice is Do Not start with canned fruit. Most taste poorly.

Also, the Thai jujubes in that can is not the same as Chinese jujubes people here have talked about.


That’s interesting. I had no idea. They truly sucked. Lol. They were firm but inedible.

I know canned fruit is not ideal. I’ve been able to find some fresh tropicals like the dragon fruit and guava.

The market did have fuyu persimmons but I’ve had them before and didn’t really care for their sickly sweet flavor.


I just don’t want you to eat those canned fruit and swear off those fruit altogether. The fresh ones taste much better and have better texutre, too.

The Indian/Thai jujubes are different from the Chinese ones. There are very good ones and there are sp itters, too. To use them in canning, they are picked underripe, hard and very sour. I love the good ones. I can eat them by kilos.


I bought and enjoyed 2 of the best store bought grapes I’ve ever had in my life yesterday. One of them is called Moon Drops and are the strangest looking grapes you have EVER seen! They are about 2.5 inches long. Very odd. But man oh man do they taste good! WOW! THe other ones were called gum drops, and they were even better. They were undoubtedly the sweetest grape I’ve ever tasted. They actually did taste like candy. just crazy good.

I bought them both at Publix, and I was so intrigued that I did a web search and found out they are both specialty grapes from the same company. Here is a link with photos and more info:


OH, I also bought a new brand of grapes called “sweeties”. THey are white and also incredibly sweet. If you know my love of sweet things you will know this is quite a statement, but the Sweeties are almost too sweet. The video about them says they have just been developed and licenced and are picked at a minimum brix of 18. I believe it. Here is a nice video about the sweeties brand of white grape.



Just ate some very nice late figs: Black Madeira, Maltese Beauty, Strawberry Verte, Izmir, Battaglia Green, and CdD Grise.



Wow. Nice picture. I love to taste some of those to figure out if fresh figs are good to me or not. I’ve only had Black Mission brebas fresh at a CA farmers market and they were bleck. Love dried figs and fig preserves… but with my climate I’d be dragging pots around like Drew51.