What fruits did you eat today?


I had a good day fruit and healthy wise. Raisins, strawberries, dried nectarines/apples/pears, and a really good seedless watermelon were on my menu. Oh and I guess banana counts.

How about yours?


I just popped three kiwis in my mouth one minute ago. Two El Dorado and one Saanichton. They are still tasting great after being in the fridge since November. The El Dorado are more sweet less sour, I like them more. But the Saanichton is also good.

I think I had a banana earlier today.


Just reading your post,I remember,there’s a bag of Gold Nugget Mandarins in the refrigerator and am going to eat one now. Brady


I only had a lowly banana today. I usually have at least 1 apple and a variety of other things, but I didnt make it to the grocery store last weekend… its going to be a long week!


I’d like to taste those kiwi. But couldn’t make it happen here. Sent the plants to a good home.


Banana, mandarin, half an avocado, half a champagne mango, chunky cherry applesauce.


I go through about 3-4lbs of navel oranges everyday. My daughter eats more for her size. 8-10 “cuties” everyday!


Just today, banana mid morning, an apple after lunch and a mango after dinner, all store bought.

I like to eat so I eat fruit instead of desserts, less guilt :grin:


I ate 3 Lady finger bananas and a scoop of frozen yogurt with blueberry this morning. A Granny Smith apple with lunch. A store bought Flavor Fall after work.



2 gala apples , pecans and walnuts with prunes, and a banana.


Looks like Bananas are the most popular.I usually have one for breakfast,but I’m out. Brady


Neat thread. I eat a ton of fruit but must confess that most of it comes from a market or grocery store (thus my interest in growing it).
Today: 1 Banana, 5 Mandarin oranges (the little halos), 1 mango, 1 bowl of strawberries( w/sugar), a big handful of blueberries, and 4 plums (I’m pretty sure they were “beauty” and I’m darn sure they were good!), and some dried banana chips. Also a good deal of pecan brittle, but somehow I doubt that counts! haha

WOW! I promise that list is 100% accurate and a pretty common day…sounds like I eat more fruit than almost anyone here!!! Actually, that’s the first time I ever listed my daily fruit and even I am a little surprised at how much I eat! For me its much more about taste than health, which explains the sugar on strawberries, pecan brittle, and even the dried banana chips I think are sweetened. SO I can’t so much claim to be a health nut as just a fruit nut. Every single thing in the list was store bought (sorry!)


I ate 3 dapple dandy pluots and shared a bowl of strawberries with my daughter. Also bit into a D"Anjou pear that was well beyond ripe and after wiping the juice off my face and t-shirt I decided the texture was too soft and mushy for my liking.


Interesting info. I’ve kinda been of the mind that if one eats enough fruit they don’t all need to be healthy. Only issue there for me is I can’t eat too much anymore. Don’t digest the sugars like I used to and I’m not talking high blood sugar it’s more like the bean effect. Plus I eat a lot of fiber elsewhere and there’s a limit there as well.


I picked some silverberries off the bush today. Pretty good. Not my favorite fruit, but what else can you harvest here off the plant in March? I do have some cactus fruit that overwintered and is turning pink. I’ll harvest them soon.
John S


I have now eaten banana, apple and strawberries


I just started Atkins yesterday so alas no fruit for me today. By the time harvest season come around I’ll be able to eat some of it.


Thank you, and let’s hope you’re right!

Hopefully your female will be the one to break the curse. The male I planted a few years back is a big and powerful beast, but beery female I’ve tried hasn’t made it through the first winter. Hopefully yours breaks the cycle!


Freshly picked LOQUATS! Oh, yeah. :grin: Citrusy, strawberryish, topped off with overtones of rose. This is not something I’d ever find in a local store or the farmers’ market. What’s more, all the ‘kids’ who tried them, liked them. That’s sort of unfortunate, because now there may be fewer for me. These were the first fruit of the season. :yum:


Same here. ‘Champagne’ is coming in really sweet but ‘Big Jim’ is still on the tart side. I’m holding back water a little to try and sweeten them up.