What happened to my peach tree?

This is an O’Henry on Lovell. Photos of the dying tree and the diseased-looking rootstock below. This is from a week or two ago; it seems really dead now. This looks very much like what happened to my Harcot on Myro 29c earlier this year, not long after leafing out.

Can I donate the scion to my dad as smoking wood?

Is it possible you overwatered it?

The bark kill at the base looks like what happens when I prune a young peach tree very severely before winter. It doesn’t have to be a really cold winter to kill bark if the cut is big enough. Looks like they took a big hunk out of that tree, judging by the cut.

I don’t THINK so? I always felt like I was forgetting to water, so I doubt I was doing too much. Hmm.

I have always a concern about black pot and well drained soil. Anything I put in a black pot seems to be too hot when summer arrives. Well-drained soil is too well-drained!!! I wonder with the pot and the condition, how much it contributed to the demise of your young tree.

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Yeah I have a lot of black pots too, and it is a problem, but I never found the fabric to be a problem at all no matter what color. Yes, dries really quick, but does not hold much heat. I would at least use more soil here, too. That soil looks excellent btw! It may be not enough watering?


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