What happens if you prune after a tree has started budding but before spring?

I have a peach tree that has started to put out some small leaves. It’s a couple of years old, same with an almond tree I have.

I think they are starting too soon or sooner than I thought they should but nothing I can do. In general though, what happens if a fruit tree starts to put out the tiny leaves and possibly a bit before I prune? Is it too late to prune then? I was going to cut the limbs that have stuff on them anyway, so if I was off on my pruning a couple of weeks, what does it matter? Ramifications?

Zone 7b, if it matters. Apple, peach, apricot and figs, but not that many trees.

If the tree is beginning to grow, I think it is a fine time to prune.


When i pruned peach before it flowered, it created a lot of sap oozing out. I read online that if you wait until it flowers to prune, there will be no oozing so I tried it and there was no oozing at all


There can be bad stuff and ordinary stuff on fruit tree branches. Not necessarily a reason to prune those branches.