What is a stolon and how to propagate from it

Just bought some carpet blueberries and they said they spread via stolen. What is a stolen and how to propagate from it?

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You’re looking for the word “stolon” not “stolen” and it’s just a fancy word for “runner”:


At first thought, I was wondering if this was about stealing cutting from trees at Walmart/Home Depot to propagate. LOL


I’ve got alot of plants from Hartmann’s. take their reviews with a grain of salt. its not their own but whom they acquired plant material from and doesn’t always represent said plant production or how it performs. they said 2lbs of berries from my arctic raspberries. ive barely got 1 off a plant even though i have their 2 cultivars and 2 different ones from honeyberry USA. they now cover 1/4 of my yard and make a great spreading groundcover but in 4 years only a small handful of berries from them.

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I got the arctic raspberry by honeyberryUSA. What I will say is if you want a ground cover that is hard to kill and look pretty but spread like wild they will do the part. I have plenty of it after 2 or 3 years but not fruit. If they produce anything like how they came I am not worried about production with the blueberry. Spreading has yet to be seen but these blueberry plants came already loaded which I can say few other blueberry I have gotten have had. Many blueberry come and you are looking at another 2-3 years for production let alone production of the level they came with. Like I mentioned the runners are what I worry about.

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