What is biting through my Clemson bags

I used Clemson bags on my apples this year, and something is still biting through them, bag and all.

I went out there today and I only have about three out of four dozen apples left intact.

My guess is something like a squirrel or raccoon. Something I would like to shoot.

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Sorry to hear. It is a bird peck on that one, only birds make holes like that.


Can you take another pic that is not a close up?

I think birds cannot see or smell what inside the bags. When my Clemson bagged fruit were eaten, it was always rodents, squirrels, groundhogs, etc. They can smell ripening fruit very well.

Clemson bags are meant to protect fruit against pests like PC, coddling moth, OFM, not for rodents.

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Oh I know they won’t protect against rodents, I just never had a problem with rodents before.

I’m in the house for the night but I’ll get another pic tomorrow.