What is eating my goji berries?

I like goji berries, and every summer when it gets hot, something is eating my berries. Not sure if it is a bird or an insect, I do not see any larva in the eaten berries, but they do appear to be pierced before they shrivel up. We are awash in Japanese beetles, mostly on the grapes and blackberries, and I found one on this goji today. Any ideas? Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:
I know these aren’t the tastiest berries, but they grow better than anything else for me, even in the snow.


My guess would be a bird. Ican’t zoom too far into the picture but it looks more pecked than eaten by an insect.

Heck with abut of luck it didn’t like it all that much and it was just sampling it. The birds on my neck of the woods don’t like red currants but would try a few.


Ants or bee can eat goji berries.

Thanks for your ideas. I have never seen an ant, but I just saw a wasp-like insect eating a goji, but when I came back with my camera I spooked it. I did take a better picture of the damaged berries