What is eating my mulberry grafts

I went out to check my grafts before work today and something has cut them off right down to the scion. What the heck! It looks like chisel teeth, chipmunk maybe or squirrel? Part of the branches they just cut and left on the ground. :rage:

Are they low enough for rabbits to get involved? Any deer have access?

I was typing the same question as fruitnut about the Rabbits. Brady

Deer do not leave a clean cut like that. So something like a squirrel if it was higher that a rabbit could reach. Squirrels will cut branches like that if they are trying to get fruit or nuts from a tree. Also groundhogs can and do climb .

They are five feet high , I have a boxer/pit tied close enough reach the bottom of the tree. Could be a squirrel, I have never had them eat the leaves of off any other grafts, just my mulberrys,

I had this trap at my cabin for decoration so I drove over and got it today. I jammed an almond in the plate and covered it with peanut butter. Not sure if this will work or not.

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Probably catch a bird !

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I have a local groundhog which likes to climb up into the mulberry trees and eat the leaves. I was deeply offended to learn that groundhogs can climb trees.

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I wonder if ground hogs like peanut butter


There are other humane ways to get rid of critters, why not use a caged trap instead?

They do like peanut butter. My dad uses that in his traps.

I do have a cage trap but I don’t think it is sensitive enough for a squirrel to set it off. I really think this is s squirrel and I figure if it sticks its head in it will be a pretty humane end.

Took awhile but I finally caught a groundhog in the live trap, maybe he was the culprit.