What is everyones favorite red primocaine raspberry with root rot resistance?

I’ve been growing joan j raspberries and we had lots of rain this year, nearly all fell victim to root rot. Does anyone have an suggestions on the best red primocaine raspberry that has at least some resistance to Phytophthora root rot?

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Among red raspberry cultivars, none are immune to the disease, but cultivars do differ greatly in their level of susceptibility. Among varieties grown in the Midwest and Northeast, ‘Titan’ and ‘Hilton’ are extremely susceptible, with ‘Festival,’ ‘Heritage,’ ‘Reveille,’ and ‘Taylor’ moderately to highly susceptible. ‘Newburgh’ is somewhat resistant, and ‘Latham,’ ‘Boyne,’ ‘Killarney,’ and ‘Nordic’ are considered to be fairly resistant.

Found that online… Ohio State article.

Ps… it also mentions that root rot can be avoided by planting site modification… improving drainage.

I have heritage reds since 2020… and no problem with root rot at all… but i make borderless raised beds for everything i plant here. No doubt that has helped.


Best to plant these in raised areas, then you can have more more cultivars to choose from.

‘Meeker’ has been excellent here in a raised planter.

This is the conclusion that I am beginning to come to.