What is going on today 2017?


Fantastic!!! He is going to be soooo happy!!


Your niece just put all of those cooking and baking shows to shame!!




Please tell your niece we are all super impressed with her creativity and talent. It’s an amazing “farm” birthday cake anyone here would be thrilled to have for their own birthday.



He absolutely loved playing with it. He actually didn’t eat it. He had a blast using the tractors to push the icing around and load the rocks into the truck. He made the cake quite a mess for the guests but nobody cared. It was fun watching him enjoy it so much.


Went to my favorite RI roadside market today in Little Compton. Have a look!


What a wonderful roadside market!! So much there and it all looks awesome!


It is where I buy my sweet corn! Best in the world!!! Pure sugar. :corn::corn::corn::corn::corn::corn::corn::corn::corn::corn:


That has to be one of the top road stands of veggies. We have several small stands scattered around but they will only have a few things in each one. Very nice


There is also a tiny bakery on the property that bakes usng the fruit and veggies.


That is an amazing farm stand!!!


Kudos to your niece, that is some impressive work. I’m sure your boy will love it.

Our niece is also a talented baker. She actually made our wedding and bridegroom cakes for us and did a fine job. My mom was visiting us last month, and while here, she had her birthday. She is a big flower grower, and especially loves her hydrangeas. My wife saw a cool video on Facebook about making cakes that look like hydrangeas, and forwarded to our niece and asked if she could pull it off. She said she probably could. My wife helped with some of it, but the niece did most of the work.

Anyways, here are the results. Everyone thought she did an great job. And the taste was awesome. The cake also had different colored layers. Mom was delighted by it, and thought the taste was delicious.


Tell your niece we think she did a fab job on your mom’s hydrangea cake. So colourful and realistic! !!



Hydrangeas indeed


We made our first cider on Sunday. I split the batch for fresh and am fermenting a 1/2 gallon in a growler. New Zealand Braeburn were on sale for $0.77/lb at Fareway and I couldn’t resist loading up on them to test out the press for the first time.

The Braeburn supplemented the Zestar that I accidently froze in a dorm fridge a couple weeks ago.

I learned a lot, and that was the point. I am going to try to have folks over for an apple pressing party later in the fall. This helped me understand some hitches in the grinding a pressing process.


That is amazing Levers!

Do you make hard cider? I tried making it out of local apples last year. It was okay, nothing great. I bet fresh pressed would be fantastic.


Jim -

Yes. I have a 1/2 gallon fermenting now. I meant to add that, but didn’t finish my thought. I don’t have terribly high hopes for it since it is all desert apple must, but this is an experiment to work out kinks before I start doing it at a larger scale later in the fall. I used to brew a bit of beer, and actually started with a batch of cider before getting into beer (from store-bought juice).

Still not much cider to be had here beyond the big cider producers. It is hard to find the better stuff. We have a local cidery now, hopefully they will continue to expand and have some traditional cider varieties planted.


Nice looking press, pretty cider, fantastically handsome helper but that shirt…Go State!


I went to my dentist this morning and they said they called three times and left a message that they had to cancel! They had the wrong number on file. I decided to take the rest of the day off work anyway and make jam. I made four batches in a row.

These two were wild blackberry.

These three are wild black raspberry.

two batches of red raspberry.

I also made two pints of peach.


Nice new press!