What is going on today 2017?


Thanks! Been saving a few years for it. It is a Glenwood press from Pleasant Hill Grain. It is very well built. There is only one thing I would change about it so far which is that the swing-out press bucket. The swing mechanism has a collar that keeps you from being able to completely remove the bucket. The collar is affixed with a roll pin so you have to drive it out.


I remember when my father bought a used grape press. He had to buy grapes to press in it, but he made wine.


Do you find any difference between cultivars of cornus mas? Flavorwise? List your favorites please!


Cooked brunch for a couple of church friends and the widow of my friend Wilson (who passed in March from stage 4 cancer) and her twin 3 year Olds. Started off as our monthly play date for Rose’s son Issac & daughter Bella with my 2 girls acting as “big sisters” but they like eating brunch and I like cooking brunch. We had ham, cheese, home grown red bell peppers & mushroom omelets, cinnamon French Toast, potatoes patties, 2 packs of bacon, sautéed ham, fresh brewed coffee and juice, as well lemon squares ad fresh blueberry squares that Rose made. Fabulous way to start off the day and with 4 well behaved kids picking blueberries, cherry tomatoes and some new blackberry variants in my urban farm the big container was soon filled. I really admire how Rose has been able to stay strong for her kids. We like her family a lot which is good cause I want my kids who are 9 and 6 to bond with the twins and have our kids grow up together to fill at least a bit of the void left by Wilson’s untimely death. He was only 40. Met him after a mutual friend asked me to help Wilson sell off his big sw reef tank in February. Really nice guy, real family man. Being a father with 2 little ones too, I can’t imagine what he went through knowing he wouldn’t be there to watch over his twins. Really crappie hand he was dealt. Sharing my garden and my kids with his family is something we all look forward to. Sent them home with fresh blueberries, tomatoes and mangoes. Can’t wait for the next play date. I really really hate cancer!!! Go hug and kiss your kids everyone. Life is precious and shouldn’t be taken for granted.




I only have three cultivars. And only one has fruited so far. They are at my cottage and conditions are very tough.


I upgraded the apple crusher today. It’s a laugh! I had to add a shield because it shot the crushed apples clear across the garage.


Love it !!!


First fresh Fig today. Chicago Hardy and it was absolutely amazing. Even better than I imagined it would be.


That’d make Tim Allen proud. Brady


Nice, I can just picture that flinging apples. Looks like your table saw motor. That baby must hum! I can’t imagine cleaning that up without a shield in place, next to impossible with all the stuff on shelves and such. I bet it works well and is fun to use too.


Ive seen couple of cake pictures here lately so wanted to post my creation for my daughter’s 5th birthday this weekend. :slightly_smiling_face:


She should love that!




Very impressive. Your daughter is lucky.


The motor is off of an old band saw that broke. I’m not going to use it in the garage. I just built and tested there.
It will go outside on the picnic table. With the shield on most of the fruit goes in the bucket.

The motor comes off easily and the rest get the garden hose.


Thank you all for the kind words :blush:


What a gorgeous theme cake! A couple years ago my girls would freaked to have these at their birthday BBQ parties. Great job. Much cudos to the baker/designer Susu.



Ragweed was horrible today…even with medication it still sucks. Time of year i look forward to a killing freeze.



We went to our farm to watch the eclipse. 98% totality there. Could have went north 20 mins and been in 100
%. However, it got pretty bright right in the heart of the eclipse when my daughters boyfriend of 5 years popped the question! It is an awfully shiny ring! The parents both his and my wife and I were in on it so it wasnt a surprise to us, but she seemed pretty shocked eventhough she knew the day was coming, just not sure when.