What is going on today 2017?


What variety of strawberry is that? Tomatoes look awesome.


Nice colorful harvest, Drew. Are those plums between the big tomato and nect? I picked a few Chocolate Cherry tom’s today, it may be our favorite- sweet, smoky, and tart, all in one little package. We have some decent sized GG’s about ready to pick. Plus, we’ve started to pull some of the Honey Select corn off the stalks.

We have some old family friends from N Ohio staying here with us this weekend, and tonight we got a big bonfire going. My in laws came over with the two little grand-nephews in tow, and we let them pick and shuck a few ears to take home. Think they really enjoyed it.

The Doodette and our lady visitor picked some half-runners today, and we strung them and put them in Foodsaver freezer bags.

Me and the older gentleman went out in the backyard and tried out his new Henry lever action 22, my Marlin 22, and some of our handguns. That was fun putting large holes in the target board!

So a good day was had by all.


First crop ever for Einset. More are on the vine. Not easy to grow! Brix of 20, nice grapes in this location.

Two types, Mara des Bois, and a pink flowered everbearing I picked up at the grocery store.

Yes, Satsuma. I harvested the tree today, only around 20 plums on it. My wife loves them, I think they are a touch boring. Fairly sweet, not much tartness, a little in the skin, the longer they hang the tartness seems to go away a little more each day. I’m leaving tomorrow till Tuesday so harvested them. They are slightly soft and perfectly ripe at the moment. I have been picking a few before today.
What I’m waiting for is about 25 Flavor King pluots to ripen. By far superior to anything else I grow that are plums. It’s my biggest harvest of them. Hard to grow here, you won’t always get a lot of fruit. They look great and are coloring up nicely, not too long!


Man, that makes me crave a BLT so bad!


I’d like to hear about your Flavor Kings when they’re ripe. I had some Dapple Dandy plumcots from the store and really liked them. I’m wondering how FK compares to DD.

Have you had good luck with fruit set every year? I’m almost tempted to try one of these hybrids, but we have a hard enough time with freeze killing peach blossoms in these parts.


There are several pluots better than dappled dandy. Flavor King being the best. Maybe the second best behind Flavor Supreme depending who you ask. I would guess dappled dandy is probably the most widely sold and available pluot of all due to the dino egg branding. I also prefer Flavor Grenade & Plumogranite to dapple dandy. Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy eating DD whenever they are ripe but in my opinion there are several better.


Any holes in the squirrels?


Ha! No, or in any deer either. We had a party over at the in-laws today and on the way back over to our place, we saw four stinkin’ deer standing on the hill close to the old house. And that was in the middle of the day, very unusual. We haven’t seen any damage from them over the last few weeks, knock on wood.


My sons call this ballistics therapy.


OK, here are some pics that we took on Eclipse Day at the house. Sorry for the delay. We got the images by holding up binoculars to the sun, with the large lens closest to it, and the image projecting on to the deck. Our cat went from being not really interested to very inquisitive about it. We also took a video of him trying to catch the image, but I can’t upload that here. We got about 90% obscuration here. The light had an eerie tint to it, kinda like a hazy, smoggy twilight.


Some pix of some newly picked corn, along with some of the few tomatoes we’ve been able to harvest:

Silver Queen white corn on the ends, with some yellow kernels, prob from cross pollination with the Honey Select yellow corn in the middle. The HS is very sweet, good corn flavor, whereas the SQ isn’t as sweet, but good nevertheless.


This was my first year growing corn. What’s the deal with the ends not filling out. Most of my ears were like that too. Is that normal?


Could be many factors. I think if you pick it too early, then the top kernels may not get filled in. But, as long as the rest of the ear is pretty much filled up with plump kernels, I wouldn’t be too worried about it. If you pop one of the kernels, and get a milky substance, then it’s ready to pick. Also, a good sign is that the silks are getting dark, dry and shrunken.

What varieties did you plant?


Geo Pride is very good. Splash is decent.


Something interfered with pollination, usually environmental.


FK is at the top. FS too. FS is very hard to grow here. I have only had one FS in five years. This year it had four but the branch had black knot and I removed it so my FS is now a stump growing back. No fruit next year probably. FK has set twice and this year is the largest with about 30 fruits. I have one scaffold of each Pluot. DD is just ok for me not great. It sets well here. I added Dapple Jack, see if that’s better?


BBQ spare ribs from the smoker

And jalapenos stuffed with Italian sausage and a 4 cheese Italian blend. Topped with parm.


That’s a feast made for a king! My mouth is watering!


That looks so good.


Ball game meal? Ribs look nice. We’ve done the jalapeño thing with cheese, green onions and bacon bits, yumm. The missus tried that with banana peppers, but it’s not the same, you need that heat from the pepper.