What is going on today 2017?


It’s a good time to be picking apples but also a good time to be buying them. Zestar and Gala are selling for 77 cents a pound.


Can anyone tell me who would be shipping bare root trees this fall? I know Starks and One Green World, I just wanted you opinions. Stark is OK but I want to look around and maybe give less that 30$ per tree.
One Green world seems to have mostly Heirloom and that’s not what I want.

Almost all of my trees are Stark and I’ll probably have to go that way but I don’t want to miss some better option.


I know Ison’s and Bottoms Nursery will ship in the fall. They are mostly known for other things (Isons for muscadines and Bottoms for blueberries) but they also have fruit trees, not many, but some, and they are mostly popular varieties. Only thing is they do not list the rootstocks. Isons did reply to an email inquiry when I asked about the rootstock, though, so you should be able to get that info on request from them. Bottoms Nursery, I don’t know.

Isons is pretty highly rated, and I’ve personally ordered from Bottoms (blueberries and a fig tree). I thought their packing was a little careless, (resulted in a few broken blueberry branches) but the things they sent were healthy and their prices and shipping were pretty cheap, especially since the things I purchased were potted and not bare-root.

You might also call Cummins Nursery. I know there are some trees that they are willing to send out in the fall, even though they apparently don’t put that info on their website.

I also know Raintree will send some things in the fall, and those are listed on their website.

Century Farm orchards ships starting in November. They mostly deal with heirlooms and Southern apples, but they also have some more modern varieties (Fuji, Gala, Delicious, Granny Smith, Goldrush, Enterprise, McIntosh, Pink Lady, Liberty, Florina, Rome, and a few more.)

I’m sure there are others, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.


I haven’t done business with them before,but it looks like Harvest Nursery in Oregon has trees between $8 and $30.
They are near Molalla,where One Green World is,so the shipping should be about the same cost.Some things might be local pickup only and I’m not sure what their shipping dates are. Brady


I’ve pre-ordered from Century Farm Orchard and he starts shipping in November. Trees are $20 and most are heirloom and trees that do well in the south but he does have a pretty good selection of others in inventory stock. It’s worth a look.


Got a new Stark Bros catalog last week. They have some nice new apples, some of which I think folks on here have mentioned. There’s the Honeycrisp/Pink Lady cross called Scarlet Crush, and the HC/Gala cross called Ruby Darling.

Also looks like some different types of Fuji apples, September Wonder, an early version, and Stark Super Red. They have some cider apple called an Orleans, a Red Del/Deacon Jones cross.

They have their version of a Braeburn called a Braestar. Have anyone on here grown a Braeburn, and what kind of apple is it?

They have the usual peaches that they’ve sold before, as well as the pears.

They have some nice looking blackberries that are awfully tempting. The PrimeArk and Triple Crown varieties intrigue me.

I know it’s kinda early to be considering what to plant for next year, but I think we’re done with our tree plantings, but it looks like most of the raspberry bare roots we tried this year didn’t come up. I blame myself for planting them too late in the season (May/June). So next year, we’ll prob try some new blacks and rasps.

Our replacement strawberries that we replanted in June are mostly still alive. I think out of the 51 plugs of Earliglow and Jewel, only maybe 6 didn’t make it thru the summer.


My wife came home yesterday after doing some errands and stopped by and talked to our next door neighbor who was walking on the road close to our house. Apparently our neighbor has a bunch of wild paw paw trees on their property close to us and said we are free to help ourselves to any we can find.

Well today, we found a bunch of trees on their land within a couple hundred yards of our driveway. There were some very large trees, some over 15ft tall. Unfortunately, we could only find a couple of of round fruit on one tree. Is this a type of fruit that gets raided by squirrels? And if we do find some, what time of the year will they be ready?

If I can remember, I’ll try to get some pics of them soon.

They seem to be in shaded areas where there is abundant moisture. Namely, low areas. Now that we know what they look like we’ll have to be on the lookout for them on our farm.


This week’s drought report is out - almost the whole state of IL is now D-0


Been noticing your recent comments regarding an interest in plumcots/pluots. Like you I had several Dapple Dandys this year that tasted marvelous purchased from Sams club. The DD had large meaty fruit which I enjoy more than juicy plums. I have Metheny and Santa Rosa plum trees so adding a Pluot or two should be easy regarding proper pollination. More than likely I will add a DD and possibly one more (FK or FS). Decisions, decisions…


How do you like your plums, or are they not producing yet? I also tried DD from the Mart of Wal, never had tried one before, very nice. They came out of a California orchard, forgot the name.

I think my first choice would be Flavor King, and the other two would be between DD, Flavor Grenade or Flavor Supreme. From what I read FK is very productive, but not real vigorous, whereas FS is the opposite. @Drew51 has said that his DD is very productive, and was really good this year. Decisions indeed!

Bay Laurel has all of these, on Myro for full sized trees, and Citation for semi-dwarf.


Plums aren’t producing yet. Good info. I will keep that in mind. Probably will go semi dwarf. :+1:
Wife loves plums and pluots and is skeptical about jujube, fig, persimmons etc. I try to tell her the challenge plums present but not sure she’s tracking. Hahahah


I heard so much hype about flavor king I guess I was expecting too much. It’s good but it did have a perfume like flavor I didn’t particularly like. It was ok. Satsuma I thought was just an average plum. Also rather disappointing. Nadia I liked and had a unique flavor. Rather small though, satsuma is small too. I added a bunch of other plums and will add more grafts next spring. I have to wait a couple years to report on them. Tastes vary s lot, so it’s hard to pick a winner for everybody. I got the most feedback from others on dapple dandy but I had a lot of them. The tree easily supported them. I should have thinned more. Also they were big dispite over cropping. Everything about it is a plus. I want to try others in the series now. I have dapple jack I need fire and supreme.


Roughly 2200 pounds of cow manure to fertilize my garden. According to the Internet calculators I need 25 cubic yards or 6 plus tons to fertilize my 30 ft by 90 ft garden space with 3 inches of manure.


It looks more like a soil than manure, it even has rocks in it. But I might be wrong.


According to the farmer it’s between 5 and 6 years old. The clumps are hardened manure - we are in extreme dry - drought like conditions where I am at in Va, I picked maybe 3 rocks out when I shoveled the two loads from the pickup truck…


Maybe it is OK. I have not seen manure that is so old.


Visited local orchard which is kind of expensive but has more varieties of apples than most. Most apple trees lost their apples or were close to it. We saw so many apples on the ground, which made me feel sad, l hate so much waste. The apples were Braeburn, Fuji, Winesap, Shizuka, Blushing golden, Jonathan. I have not seen Pink lady, Granny smith, Sunrise and several other varieties which were probably in different area of the farm. It looks like in Nebraska even the latest apples have time to ripen. Honestly, all apples tasted good for me, it is hard to tell what are my favorite.
Here are several pictures from the farm. The apples on the first picture I believe are Fuji. On the second and third pictures are Jonathan apples. They were almost black and all overripe.


How you plan to till it in?


I removed my dapple dandy, in my opinion it’s not even in the Sam league as king and supreme, and not nearly as good as grenade. You should also consider geo pride, another fantastic fruit. I even like splash better than dapple and for a pluot it sets very well and very clean fruit. Ime not trying to speak ill of dapple , it just has never been very sweet or interesting for me in our climate. Several varieties of plums are better, such as santa rosa, elephant heart, and if you use a commercial spray schedule emerald beaut is a awesome plum. I noticed drew didn’t like king, mabye it’s his climate and conditions or just his taste, but I am certain that most people consider flavor king to be the king


I have to agree that’s soil not manure. Manure losses half it’s nitrogen each yr. So after 5-6 yrs there’s a few percent left. It is nice looking soil. And 3 inches of real manure on your garden is too much. A pile that size won’t be too much on 2700 sq ft. But that’s no were near 25 yds.