What is going on today 2017?


Well, today I wanted to see why my four raspberry plants never sprouted that were planted in June. I carefully dug down to where the roots were, and saw no new growth. Just the old roots were there.

So, looks like I’ll be trying them again next year. When I planted them, some of them already had some sprouts on the roots, but nothing came from those after that. These things ought to grow like weeds around here, but these were a no go.

Next year, I’ll prepare a better location for them, and for sure get them in the ground in March.

@speedster1, have you got any more fruit off your brambles?


Yes. Even with the colder temps. I just picked about 2 cups worth of Caroline and Double gold this evening. Anne seems to have settled in for the upcoming winter but the others still have a few berries left.


Arrgh, I planted all three of those and nada. Maybe next year will be better.



Drew51 sent me some scions this year, but I did not have any luck with them taking. I had some luck with a couple American x Japanese grafts, but they didn’t grow much. I’ve had quite a bit of bloom on both my plums the last two years, but they got hit in the pre-bloom stage with too much cold and had black female parts. Pluots would probably fare similarly. I plan to be on the lookout for scions again this year.


Thanks for the reply and the info on Superior plum. We transplanted some wild American plums back in the spring down in the lower yard. One for sure survived, the other did not. I also planted one out in the pasture, but not sure of its status.

Anyway, would I be able to graft a pluot scion to this type of plum? Some folks suggested that since Flavor Supreme is off patent, I ought to try to graft it onto another tree.

I think my three choices for my pluots would be Dapple Dandy, Flavor King, and Geo Pride. And then try grafting FS onto one of these wild plums. I know some folks aren’t too into DD, but it is the only variety I’ve tasted and liked, so I’d better make that one of my choices.


Frost this morning

It’s time to bring out the fruit I put up during the growing season. Opened a jar of cherries. I’ll can more of these next year.


I slow-baked whole (cut out the seeds and core, left the apex entire) five apples a few days ago: Empire, Wynoochee Early, Rambour Franc, Bardsey and McIntosh. 160 degrees wasn’t hot enough, even overnight. So, I baked 'em at 200 another hour.
Bardsey surprised me for its interesting consistency (firmer than expected, yet breaking) and lemon scent remaining. Totally unexpected.
The winner (this is a first try) was Rambour Franc. The skin was a bit tough, but I’d thought that was likely. The flavor was everything the fresh fruit offered, and this was picked maybe six weeks ago.- and RF is not reputed to keep. I’ll do this again next year!

A couple weeks ago I helped a friend strip his tree, which I surmise to be Scugog. I cooked and strained my half of the harvest into hot-pink sauce. Yeah, buddy! Good stuff.


Last night the forecast was for a light freeze, so I finished picking what was left of the peppers. Ended up picking about 14lb! I had a lot of long banana peppers like Red Marconi, Ancient Sweet, Beaver Dam that are best when ripened red, but a lot were still green. Also picked the rest of the Serrano, Jalapeño, Padron, Habanero and Scotch Bonnet.

Don’t know what I’m going to do with all of them, guess we’ll freeze some and can the rest.

It got down to 31.9 up here on the hill, but it was prob a bit colder in the patch. I just got in from being there, and the plants look a bit wilty so I guess they’re done for the year. Kinda sad to see the last crop get hit, but we had a good harvest of veggies this year. I hope next season we’ll be harvesting some fresh home-grown fruit as well.


True, but mine at home were ton’s better, I would never buy them myself. I added Dapple Jack, it is supposed to have a higher brix than DD, so looking forward to that one. I would like to try Dapple Supreme, but maybe just plant a DD seed, most likely pollinated by FS. I may next year, I didn’t save any seed. I just finished the last of DD off a few days ago, kept over a month in the fridge.
I have had peaches vary a lot in taste year to year, maybe I had a good year with DD? Don’t know? .Overall stone fruit this year was exceptional and amazing. So happy I put in the trees. Finally a giant harvest, over 500 fruit.All top rate stuff too.

I added that this year, it does look and sound good.

Not really I sometimes think no Cot is in them. Some evidence to that too. I once saw some genetic testing, but I can no longer find that info.

Darn, more are available. You know I cut them the day I mail, but stuff happens! Just let me know, doesn’t matter if you have anything I need or not, I’ll send out. This year I added a bunch of rare pluots, none to little scion, and I want to use what I have myself as backups to these rare trees.
Next year though I’ll have some interesting stuff!


I would if you like it as it is prolific and the wood is stronger than most other pluots. It can hold a huge crop and won’t bend at all. Great for grafting unto too!


Thank you very much for the offer! That would be great to get a second chance.


PM sent.


As snow flurries start falling, I’m glad I took a few days off to enjoy Veterans day and to get everything in the ground. About 40 or so pots went in the ground until spring and about 15 or so from last year or those that really took off planted and protected.

What a year! I bit off more than I could chew with all the grafts and new hobbies. Next year I hope to bench graft several plums, pluots, peaches, persimmons, and pawpaws. I think I have more than enough apples. (I know, I know, never enough!).

I just want to thank everyone who put up with my nonsense post and scion begging. You all have been so kind.

I will try to up date my scion list and always enjoy helping out.

I look forward to 2018!

S.E. Ohio


Fine-looking orchard - I see room for more trees!


What are the trees to the right of the newly planted ones? Are they yours as well?


Terrific Bob. Looks like you have some planting’s on a slight incline. From what I understand this really helps with drainage and air flow. I will be putting in a Walnut/Chestnut/Pecan grove on a northwest facing slope this coming growing season. Very nice work!


:joy::joy::joy: Thanks but no thanks!!! Well, maybe. NOT!!


Those to the right are more fruit trees that are part of my orchard. Mostly apples with a mix of fruit trees.


They are, pretty much on the south to southeast slope. Hope you had a good Veterans Day. I had plenty of food and college football on tv. Nice day just to relax and reflect.


Oh yes Sir, great day yesterday. Very relaxing.


I finally ate a Goldrush apple yesterday. I bought a bag of half a dozen at the local Co-op grocery via a local orchard.

The one I ate was deep yellow with a lot of orange blush. It was small, though. Very sweet and balanced with good acidity. I can see what some folks like, but to me this one was not “WOW” amazing. I will have to try some more. In a few years I will have some of my own.

I also found some Newtown Pippin at the same store. I had one today. Nice apple. A little tropical or banana flavor to it. It moved to my “to graft at some point” list.