What is my Huge Fig Tree

I have this huge Fig tree. I’d love to know what kind of tree it is. It put out 400 figs last summer. I’m in the coastal area of South Carolina


Are the figs tiny, and very sweet? Are the figs ripe earlier than most other fig varieties? If so then it’s probably some strain of Celeste. Leaves are an exact match, and the variety does produce 400 or more figs each year. It’s a very common variety in the south.


The leaves are huge. The tree is something close to 25’ wide 20’ tall and 20’ deep. You can stand inside of it. The fruit has been there since March but just started to turn 2 days ago. It’s the longest I’ve ever seen it take to ripen to pick. Some years I get fruit 3 separate times a year. The figs are almost as big as a golf ball for the biggest and smallest the size of an adults big toe. They are a deep purple. I can’t tell you about the taste because I don’t eat them. I have picking parties so the birds don’t make a mess.

It’s a gift. :wink:


The description you are giving sounds exactly like a Celeste fig tree. Figs can get as big as a golf ball, the leaves can get up to 12 inches in size. It’s figs start producing very early in the spring. They keep producing figs over and over again, up to 3 times a year. In the right climate the figs can be a deep purple. In the hot south east USA some plants can get way bigger than they get in the cooler parts of the USA, many fig varieties can get that big in South Carolina. The shape of the leaves and of the tree matches Celeste. Like Celeste it can produce 400 or more figs each year. The only thing you have not verified Celeste like is how the figs are to eat. You should at least try some of the fruit from it.

The following is a link to a photo of a Celeste figs, and a Celeste leaf, the figs do vary some in appearance based upon things like the climate, how much sun they get, which strain of Celeste, and so on.

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Thank you so much for all of that information.
Because I don’t eat them and it ends up being a mess, I put an ad on a Mom Group in my area on Facebook for people to come pick figs for free. I had no clue how popular they were. I’d have 4-5 women come and pick all of the mature fruit and within 4-5 days the tree was ready for more people. This went on 4 times. We got at least 400 figs that month! It gets full sun for the second half of the day. I just can’t stand what it looks like inside so I can’t make myself eat it.
Tell me about your figs.
Thanks again

Good answer. Sounds like something I would say. It has given me new friends because I don’t eat them and I’ve invited my community to come pick

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