What is on these Euro Plum Leaves

I am seeing this on all 6 of my Euro Plums… The Japanese plums right next to it seem unaffected! Any idea what it is?

Thank you!

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Is it webby at all?Kind of look like Spider mites.Using about a 5 power or greater magnifier,they should be able to be seen.bb

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Thank you @Bradybb - Yes I see plenty of webs and tiny white spiders :slightly_frowning_face:

When I had sprinklers in the same area spider mites were not a problem. Now that I have switched to drip, looks like the spider mites are thriving in a nice dry & hot environment!

Its too hot to spray anything now. I hope if I spray horticulture oil a couple of times during dormant season, it will take care of the mites. For now, I’ll try to hose it down and try using a blower to see if that will blow off some of it.

Thank you!

Yes,blasting the leaves with a stiff spray of water,especially the undersides,every day for about a week,should help.
I’ve had some success using Lavender.Here is something,posted earlier.bb


There are a lot of insects that prey on spider mites and keep them at bay. Spider mite infestation (outside of a green house) is usually a sign that their natural predators have been eliminated by insecticides.


Thank you @Stan! I think you are right. I don’t see any lace wigs or beneficials this year.