What is the size of a Peach on Lovell rootstock

Something I have noticed with peaches is the size of the plant changes based on the website. Stark Bros says their donut peaches will reach 12-15 feet, One Green World says their peach trees on Lovell will reach 10-12 feet, Raintree states their fruit trees on Lovell will reach 18 feet and cummons states their peach trees on Lovell will reach 35 feet. I found the same with ST Julian A where some say 8 feet some say 14 feet and others say 18 feet. Why is there no consensus on how big a tree on Lovell will get?

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LOL, my 10 years old Snow Queen nectarine is on Lovell and it only stay 5’, of course I pruned it this way initially. It stays small ever since.


Depends on temperature, watering, soil structure, nutrients, diseases, insects, pruning techniques, etc.


As Dennis points out, it depends on a lot of factors, but you should consider peach trees on Lovell to reach full size, not semi-dwarf or dwarf.
Here is a 12 year old peach tree on Lovell. I keep it pruned to 8 feet tall because I don’t want to use a ladder, but let it grow wider every year. It is approximately 24 feet in diameter with lots of supports for the branches under fruit load.


The only true dwarf peach rootstocks are those of patio peaches. Otherwise, Lovell, Halford, Guardian, etc, etc., are not much different height-wise from one rootstock to another.

Peach rootstocks are not like apples’rootstocks. Apples have rootstocks that grow at 6ft all the way to 20+ ft,