What is the small mound?

I am in middle Texas. In my garden, there are many such small mounds in the garden.

If I level the mound, there is a hole at the center mound:

Is it made by a beetle?

Thanks in advance


jumping worms? i read they do that. or maybe mole cricket?

Possible it’s crayfish if the soil stays a bit boggy.

Might be moles if not muck clay conditions.

But you may have critters in Texas unlike any I normally see…so from over 1000 miles that’s my thought on it.

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Could it be a grasshopper mouse or a bulldog raspy cricket?

Here ants… especially fire ants will bring up dirt hills like that… and over time a fire ant hill can get quite large. But it is easy to tell if ants they are usually visible scurrying about… especially if you disturb the dirt mound.

Your seems to be something else…

But that dirt looks great. I would like to have a few truckloads of that.

Have you tried excavating slowly to see how deep the hole goes ? you might just find the critter.

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I live in Texas too. I would guess this……

Earthworms will do it too esp if it is very wet.


Yes, these spots are obviously wet.
Tomorrow I’d like to dig deep to see whether there are some earthworms.

BTW, I don’t see any ant when I disturb the hills.

Thanks all of you!

Merry Christmas!


You might try coming out at night with a flash light to see if you see anything active then. I know a lot of people catch night crawlers that way.