What is this bloom?

San Antonio zone 9b
6-8” tall
Long narrow leaves

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Hoya is our best guess, but are the leaves consistent?

Pretty neat!

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Thanks y’all! My daughter in law sent the pictures. She found them on an empty lot in San Antonio. Says they smell incredible. I’ve never heard of it.


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Very Cool! I found this the other day. I wonder if anyone can Identify


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Looks like Asclepias sp. To me.

To me, too

Maybe the leaves will help identify. I looked up the asclepias and it has so many varieties I couldn’t find one that looks like this one…yet. It does seem maybe more likely. The red part on these seem succulent and have all the characteristics as described in Wikipedia. I would guess just seeing it in person it’s toxic as well. Here’s the leaves.

That could be a variety of Honeysuckle,although I couldn’t find a leaf match. Brady

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Yes. I am going to keep a photo record of it’s progression and maybe it will show itself out and be obvious. Time will tell…

I agree with Brady.