What is this dandelion or chicory- like plant?

This is growing on the roadside near me. I tasted a leaf and it’s good. But, wanted to know what it is. Anyone know?

Looks to me like prickly lettuce .
Essentially wild lettuce .


Thanks! I think you’re right. And I’m going to eat it tonight with some chickpeas, red onions, and olives. I love bitter greens. :slight_smile:


If you love bitter greens I’ve got a beautiful perennial sunflower that produces lots of tender greens in early spring that taste like dandelion greens. Lol

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I walk through the lawn eating dandelion leaves in early spring. :joy:


Afore mentioned greens.


They look good!

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They look even better when they bloom. :slight_smile:

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Missed opportunity…the picture of them blooming.

If you were talking to me, my profile picture is one of the hybrid sunflowers I grew.

But I ended up composting the one I originally posted about because some of the F2 generation seedlings were closer to my breeding goals so I no longer needed it.

The following picture shows the original perennial parent (left) with the hybrid grand-seedling (right) after crossing in genetics from annual sunflower to increase the flower size.


I like dandelion greens… and eat the blossoms too… redbud blossoms, wood sorrel… broadleaf plantain flower spikes… when young and tender… saute in butter… taste very similar to asparagus.

Eat the weeds :wink:


I buy them at the supermarket, French people eat them in the Spring as spring tonic, but I noticed a few people pick them in the wild here. My husband doesn’t like the bitter taste of this weed, so I eat them. Just sauté with a bit of garlic.

Quite impressive, actually!

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