What is this? legume

I know its a legume, and grows in a park near my house.

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Hairy vetch?

or Crown Vetch

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i have both and the flowers dont match. black locust?

herbacious or is it a vine?

maybe milk vetch

Not a locust. It’s some type of vetch. Flower Doesnt match our hairy vetch from here on the east coast, but the leaves do.

it’s a ground cover
perennial perhaps.

Definitely not a Locust tree.

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i have crown vetch growing in my ditch. the leaves are similar but the flowers are a different shape. clustered more like a clover…

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I think this is …
Lotus crassifolius , var . Subglaber , “ big deer vetch “

Also listed as …
Hosacki Rosa, … rosy birdsfoot trefoil.


Various types exist



Edit: By the way, I have no specific knowledge of this plant but I do really like an app and use it all the time for this purpose. I downloaded your image and threw it in there, this was the highest probability (67%) result based on image recognition with their database. Accueil - Pl@ntNet