What is this lesion on my apple tree?

I cut off a few branches that had dead areas and a knobbly appearance that looked maybe fungal to me? Then i wished I’d taken a photo to ask y’all. And then i found a much smaller lesion that i think is the same thing.

These are all on a seedling crab apple.

And a slightly blurry one with my finger for scale

Eastern Mass, zone 6

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You may have black knot. Review this video to see if it describes your situation! If so you need to prune more severely
black knot fungus on apple trees

Huh. There is black knot on the wild prunus. I didn’t know it affects apples. It does look like black knot.

Did you mean to link a video?

Here in Europe I would say DIplodia Bulgarica. It produces scars as if the rind was burnt.

I’d guess black rot

I tried to attach the video, if you Google the subject you can play it

I’m unaware of black knot effecting apple trees?